BE memory extension for looking inside MEMU

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What it does

BEMEMU is a 'memory extension' helper module which provides Andys Binary Folding Editor with the capability to look inside MEMU. MEMU is a Memotech Emulator.

BEMEMU reads memory in chunks and caches the result so that it doesn't have to make a request for every single byte needed. Pressing R causes BE to discard the cache and may be necessary to refresh the data on display.

It can also read VRAM, byte specifying an IOBYTE value of 0xff.


At one command prompt :-

memu -s -v -be TOKEN

At another :-

be -A16 -Cz80 -ySpeculator.sym memu!TOKEN,0x80

On UNIX, MEMU creates named pipes called /tmp/bememu-cmd-TOKEN and /tmp/bememu-stat-TOKEN and BEMEMU connects to them.

On Windows, MEMU creates a named pipe called \\.\pipe\bememu-TOKEN and BEMEMU connects to it.

The memu! prefix is a cue that the binary data is to be provided on demand to BE via BEMEMU. Depending on your shell, you may need to \ escape the !.

The initial IOBYTE in the above example is 0x80, but this can be changed using the o command on the memory section list, and saying something like iobyte=0x20.

MEMU suspends during startup, waiting for BE to connect. On UNIX, it seems possible to quit and restart BE if desired. On Windows, if you quit BE, the pipe is broken and you won't be able to reconnect.


There are never any unsaved changes - ie: all changes are immediately placed into MEMU memory. Bear this in mind before making changes. If you quit the editor, you'll not be given the opportunity to discard the changes.

This documentation is written and maintained by the author, Andy Key