Release Notes

This code is supplied as-is and without warranty or any assertion of fitness for purpose (either by the author or his employer, original or current). It is as good as the test-pack it is delivered with. It is made available for use by any member of FIX Protocol Limited in good standing.

This code was originally written as a part of an integration project. The author and his employer (at that time) agreed that publishing this code would be beneficial for the FIX standard, and everyone using it. It was agreed that the code would be in no-way attributed to or endorsed by the employer.

Since then, the code has been enhanced to cope with extension packs. As FIXML evolves, this code is likely to evolve with it.

The author recognises and acknowledges the assistance of Jim Northey in clarifying aspects of FIX and the Unified FIX Repository, thus allowing this code to be created.

FixConv was written and is maintained by Andy Key,