Still images

Eschers "Above and Below", in two peices. This was traced using the 'tall angle' feature only found in RT and RTMR. Also, the Rocket used in the Mission Alphatron shareware game.


I'm sure that many Ray Tracing fanatics will want to steal this texture map. Its 360x180 pixels, each corresponding to 1 degree longitude by 1 degree latitude. Colour of each pixel is determined from the height above sea level (from NASA data), and is mapped to shades of blue or brown.

Frames from some animations

A spinning globe animation, using the texture map above.


A stylized spinning globe animation.


Just the crust, just like the old BBC TV logo.


Before anyone asks, I can't distribute the crust outline CSG dataset.

Of, course, all the above animations could be wrong. The RT script to trace the following is a trivial change to the spinning globe script.


A Meridian TV logo animation. A globe spins slowly becoming more transparent, revealing the logo, and then spins again becoming more translucent.

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