Memofest 2013

Memofest 2013 was held on 21st September, at Jims, and this picture records most of the attendees :-

Yours truly took the picture, but I am visible in the mirror.

Not an anorak in sight - these people could pass for normal. Ordinary people of the world, beware!

Things that were there included :-

A problem with a short on the back of a MTX motherboard was fixed.

A laptop was used to play back an Atic-Atac .wav into an MTX running Speculator.

We played Son-of-Pete with the various hacks to prevent Pete dying, and got to go through the black hole. We got to final screen, but because we hadn't collected everything, couldn't get to Pete.

Jim supplied Claus with an alternative MTX, and supplied me with a spare video-daughter card.

Cake was provided, and at the end of the day, take-out was ordered.

Jim has made a video, but I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

All agreed this was a great event, and Andy suggested it might be at his place next year.

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