Date Comments
2011-12-11 MEMU updated with a fix to USER LOAD in the SDX support, a fix for CP/M files with no file extension, some more .RUN and .BAS files, improvements to the diagnostics, and a copy of the "shop demo".
2012-01-02 First version of LOADMTX released.
2012-01-03 Bought an Altera DE1, with a view to eventually implementing an entire MTX compatible computer on a single chip, in VHDL.
2012-01-03 Lez Anderson generously sent me a GAL programmer, which I ended up using in the MTX Memory Card project.
2012-01-07 This site revamped.
2012-01-12 Bought MTX512, but it turned out to be MTX500 in MTX512 case!
Came with manual including PALASM source for the MTX PAL chips, which helped me improve memory map logic in MEMU.
2012-01-14 Uploaded scans of the PALASM.
Added description of memory decoding.
Added suggested MTX500 to MTX512 upgrade path.
2012-02-25 MFLOPPY updated with more type info, corrected in places, and and scripts added.
2012-02-29 REMEMOTECH implements enough hardware and software to boot CP/M, access RAM Disc and SD Card, and run standard CP/M programs, such as NewWord and Caves of the Orb.
2012-04-08 REMEMOTECH implements VDP chip, CTC chip, sound chip, and virtual cassette tape, and as a result runs lots of games.
2012-04-21 Got scans of the source code of the SDX ROM.
Working to reconstruct useable source files.
2012-04-30 SDX ROM disassembled, source reconstructed, and alternative version prepared for use in REMEMOTECH, which works fine.
2012-05-05 Met Jim Wills.
Saw his older SDX and his newer one.
2012-07-02 Got "Videowall MTX" from eBay, and got it working.
This is actually an MTX512 S2.
This is a test-bed for REMEMOrizer.
2012-07-11 MTX ROM listings now downloadable.
2012-08-03 CP/M boot ROM source now downloadable.
2012-08-05 New MEMU with more RAM, better 80 column, SDX FDC etc..
New MFLOPPY with S2Rxx.COM improvements.
2012-08-20 Service Manual now downloadable.
2012-09-02 MTX Memory Card project added to this site.
2012-09-29 Worked out MTX512 S2 memory map.
MTX Memory Card is now working.
2012-10-02 MEMU now supports diagnostic windows.
2012-10-04 Phoenix Operators Manual now downloadable.
2012-10-21 REMEMOrizer is ready.
2013-01-01 SDX Plus basically works.
2013-01-20 CP/M boot ROM source refactored, enhanced and re-released.
SDX BASIC ROM source refactored, enhanced and re-released.
2013-09-21 Memofest 2013 was held at Jims place.
2013-11-28 CP/M FUSE available
2013-12-02 CP/M Callback Filesystem available
2014-01-03 MEMU can now run FDXB
2014-02-05 Z source reconstructed and package made available
2014-03-28 REMEMOrizer Speculator hardware now works
2014-09-20 Memofest 2014 was held at my place.
2015-10-17 Memofest 2015 was held at Paul Daniels place.
2016-10-29 Memofest 2016 was held at Dave Stevensons place.
2016-12-04 RAWIO and BERAWIO released.
2017-03-11 Boot ROM code updated to fix RS232 commands and add Remote Command mode support.
ZMON Remote Command mode tool created.
2017-10-14 Memofest 2017 was held at Martins place.

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