Retro Parts

In my retro chips box I have a lot of chips. Many were donated by Lez Anderson. I keep a few as spares for my retro computers, and little projects, but I have far more than I can ever use. I'd rather they got used for something, than sit unused.

If you need any of these for some retro project, spares or repair, email me, and I still have them, I'll send to you.

Chip numberQtyDescription
Zilog Z80A9CPU
Zilog Z80 CTC4Counter-Timer-Chip
R65C026CPU, CMOS variant of 6502
AMD AM95114Arithmetic Processor
Hitachi HM6281286128KB SRAM
TI TMS9918A2Video Display Processor, NTSC
General Instrument AY-3-89106Programmable sound generator
Yamaha YM2149F4Programmable sound generator (rebranded 8910)
Toshiba TMP82C552Programmable peripheral interface
Intersil 82C55AC7Programmable peripheral interface
Hitachi HD63C096Improved 6809 replacement
Hitachi HD641802Hitach Z80 based embedded CPU with MMU
Microchip AT89C5158 bit microcontroller with 4KB flash
Maxim MAX232EPE3RS232 Drivers/Receivers
National Semiconductor LM1889N3TV modulator
TI SN76489AN1Sound chip
Maxim DS13073Serial Real-Time Clock
Dallas DS128874Real-Time clocks
27C128116KB EPROM
27C256232KB EPROM
27C512264KB EPROM
27C40012512KB EPROM
Altera EPM7128SLC84-152CPLD
Altera EPM7032SLC44-10N2CPLD

I may have other retro chips I don't need too.

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