Memotech hardware appears mainly on eBay from time to time. Most usually its on the UK site. Here are some recommendations to sellers, which can also be read from the perspective of a clued-up buyer.

eBay listers are generally very good, but it doesn't hurt to have the checklist at the end of this page.

The label on Memotech MTX keyboards can be very misleading. It might say MTX500, MTX512, MTX512 S2, MTX 2000, Multi-Effect Video Wall, or even something else. But this is actually a very poor guide, or even no guide at all as to what the machine actually is. Over the years, systems have been failing and it seems likely people have been doing the computer equivelent of cut-n-shut in the car industry. My SDX says MTX S2 on the case, but it certainly doesn't have 256KB of RAM. I bought what was labelled as MTX512, only to find out it was an MTX500, ie: it had 32KB of RAM on the motherboard.

The sizes of the DRAM chips on the MTX motherboard doesn't necessarily give a true indication of the amount of memory available. So after startup, its worth displaying the amount of memory available to MTX BASIC, using PRINT PEEK(64122). The motherboard is designed so that 8 x half-working / factory-seconds 64Kbit DRAMs can be inserted, but only the good 32KB of them used.

If it has a MTX512 S2 label, there is a good chance the motherboard has 4256 DRAM chips, and 64KB is visible to MTX BASIC (ie: PRINT PEEK(64122) returns 1), but 208KB is visible in RELCPMH=1 mode.

Some computers that appear as MTX512s with 64KB are actually motherboards with 8 x 32KBit DRAMs, and an additional memory card added in the inside.

Not all Memotech MTXs for sale are working.

Not all Memotech MTXs generate a good stable TV picture. Expect to get a much better picture on a CRT TV rather than LCD.

Not all Memotech MTXs for sale have keyboards in good working order, or keyboards that work at all.

Not all Memotech MTXs come with a PSU.

FDXs are really rare, and often don't work, or the owner often doesn't have system disks to use them.

SDXs are also really rare. They can be old style or new style. They can use 2 x 5.25", 1 x 5.25" or 1 x 3.5" drives. The 3.5" drives are often in the SDX unit case. Some later SDXs with a 3.5" drive also have an extra 512KB of memory, although this may not show up in the memory PEEK above. Some SDX systems also include a combined 80-column and RS232 card inside the MTX case.

FDXs and SDXs can be using different sizes of floppies, typically known as 320KB type 03 or 640KB type 07. This is true for 5.25" and 3.5" systems.

Really really rare items include FDX with 3.5" drive(s), 8" drive add-on to a FDX/HDX, HDX hard disk system (like an FDX), Videowall MTXs and Videowalls themselves.


Therefore the recommendations for selling an MTX are :-

For selling an FDX, use MTX recommendations plus :-

For selling an SDX, use MTX recommendations plus :-

General recommendations for selling misc Memotech items :-

If you want to get the attention of Memotech collectors and enthusiasts, then posting to the MEMOTECH MTX-500 Facebook group is one way to do it.

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