Download from You may also need the Modular Renderer and the Generalised Bitmap Module.

What does it do

This program is a simple test harness for the polygon rendering capabilities of the Modular Renderer library.

It renders up an animation of a Rubiks Cube scrambling and displays it to a Windows window or XWindows window.

sample frame

Its possible to modify the makefile to remove the -DVIEWWIN or -DVIEWXWIN compile time flag. In this case the program will generate pictures of the animation as 512x512 8bpp bitmap files called cube0000.gif, cube0001.gif, ... etc.. In this case the PLAY program can be used to display the animation later.

Press q to exit.


This program, including its source code, are public domain. Caveat Emptor.

This documentation is written by the CUBE program author, Andy Key