Download from You may also need the Modular Renderer and the Generalised Bitmap Module.

What does it do

This program loads up a sequences of images and displays them. It uses classes from the Modular Renderer library.

It displays the bitmaps in a Windows window or XWindows window.

Its intended as a quick way of playing an animation constructed frame by frame, typically as the output of a raytracer.

The quality of display is constrained to that as implemented in the ViewerWin and ViewerXWin classes in the MR package.


usage: play [-l] [-s] [-d delay] first last step fn.ext{,opt}
flags: -l            loop
       -s            single step
       -d delay      extra delay in milliseconds between frames
       first         first frame
       last          one beyond last
       step          frame number step
       fn.ext{,opt}  input filename (with any format specific options)
                     ext's are used to deduce desired bitmap file formats
                     ... bitmap formats listed here
       opt's         bitmap format specific options

For example, to play cube0000.gif, cube0001.gif, .. cube0499.gif :-

play 0 500 1 cube%04d.gif

In addition, the following keys are recognised :-


This program, including its source code, are public domain. Caveat Emptor.

This documentation is written by the PLAY program author, Andy Key